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Improve your cash flow

You would be surprised to learn the amount of cash tied-up in non-product related operations and the overspending across multiple levels of your business.

We will shed a light on opportunity cost and reduce your expenses across the board.

We play no politics as you will get the real sense of reality while keeping the blame game in check. Reports and recommended solutions will be provided on case by case basis and per department.

Revenue dropping off, Cost Increasing ? Is the current business and economic environment hard to navigate?

Whatever the case we have the right solution for you !

Our holonic approach will provide you with a customized solution adaptable to your business model and based on your own market environment variables.

We are not a consulting firm, we are your one-stop solution business partners!

No Results No Charge!

We will provide you with an in-depth analysis covering the full spectrum of your business from operations to manufacturing, supply chain and overhead costs.

We will share our expertise with you. Our team is made up of audit experts with various financial and technical backgrounds at international level. Our system provides a wide range of solutions and auditing tools although the decision with regards to the scope of each analysis is ultimately yours.

Material Sourcing

Supply Chain

Transport Cost Optimization

Production Optimization ( e.g. Wagner Whitin dynamic lot-sizing, Lean Sigma principles)

Import-Export (e.g. Preferential regimes and Tariffication)

Fixed and Variable overhead Costs( e.g. plant equipment, fuel, electricity and many more)


Our work is the presentation of our capabilities  –  Edward Gibbon

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