How we work

We help companies raise significant amounts of capital. Whichever the case may be, a Start-up  looking to secure next investment round or established businesses looking to expand operations, we would like to hear from you.


Our Process


Preliminary evaluation of your project. At this point you will be invited to  submit the executive summary. If it fits our criteria we will set up a meeting in person or on Skype.


We will engage in a deep-dive session with the company discussing key issues. If there is further interest, then we will commence due diligence.

Investor Pitch Preparation

We will help you prepare the proper documentation and financial figures. That includes  the Pitch Deck, Executive Summary, Business Plan, Website, Financials and more. It is worth mentioning that Investors  have small attention spans as they are presented with hundreds of applications on weekly basis. We will be working together in order to organize the information in a way that allows them to process it more efficiently.

Investor Introduction 

We will introduce your project to the industry-related investing parties. It could be private or institutional Investors in our own network or introduced through our business partners. Whichever the case we will be supporting you throughout the entire process.

Deal Structure and Funding

A term sheet will be presented upon successful completion of the process. Whether it be equity, loan or other financial instruments, including types of equity and board of directors representation, the deal structure will be clearly stated. When all parties  agree on terms then the funding  process will come to conclusion. BlueLily Capital will nonetheless continue to offer its support for the growth  and the success of your venture.


We seek to invest in well positioned companies with strategic improvement potential and partner with management teams to create value by driving revenue and earnings growth capital for both sides.

Create Opportunities

Creating the venue to turn entrepreneurial hardships into real opportunities by finding the converging point where the vision meets reality

Partner to your success story

Relate your ambitions to the global prospective. Think global act local adopting the global prospective while tailoring it to the local environment

The Investment Team

Identifying and introducing the right business partner to your company and be closely involved throughout the life of the partnership.

Value-Added Support

Our mission is to provide unsurpassable support transforming great ideas into reality. We strongly believe that creative and hard-working entrepreneurs represent the very essence of the economic system.

BlueLiIly Capital 100% Solution Oriented

Supporting companies every step of the way in pursuing their business ideas and empower them to realize their full potential.

In constant pursuit of actionable ideas by industrious people!

How We Add Value

Investment Deal Team

BlueLily Capital helps its clients find investors who want to find them, who understand and appreciate their industry, like their management style and understand where the combination of their checkbook and your smarts can take your company.

Operating Partners

Part of our Independent Advisor Program, Operating Partners mentor management and create an environment for change with the credibility of "having done".

Long-Term Value

We believe that value creation is enhanced if the strategy is implemented quickly. Entrepreneurial and industrious business leaders represent the constant wind of change in the local economic and social climate.

Social Responsibility

We believe in social entrepreneurship and giving back to the community by a way of creating career opportunities and ultimately nurturing the development of entrepreneurship in the region and setting up the premises for the even larger prospective.

Huge source of great ideas

Part of our strategy relies upon business networking as we offer a platform allowing for entrepreneurs within the same industry to share ideas and interact with their investor counterparts.

Market Adoption

Forward thinking and actionable ideas aren't enough in order for a product or service to create its own space in today's challenging market. We strongly believe the market behavior in adopting a concept and the right investing party supporting it are intrinsically related.

Make A Difference With Expert Team