We provide in-depth advisory services in renewable and portable energy  sectors where we have substantial experience on both local and international level. Business & Financial Services:  Industrial; Retail, Consumer & Leisure; Technology, Media & Telecom.


We provide customized solutions to businesses looking to expand operations, entering new markets, scale-up production and more. Financing solutions : Purchase Order Financing, Equipment Financing and Leasing, Working Capital advance, Account Receivables & International Factoring and more Industry sectors : Healthcare; Retail; Technology, Media & Telecom.

Information tehnology

We assist IT companies achieving their development objectives at all stages. Funding solutions are available for platforms as in : e-commerce, shipping and delivery, middleware, applications development and more.

Logistics and Transportation

We act as advisor and investment consultant on import-export, logistics and transportation related businesses. We help companies raise significant amounts of capital though private and institutional lenders

Medical Device

We are benefitting from an extensive experience within industry. Our investment and business development strategy covers all areas including Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Business Valuation, Manufacturing and Marketing. We partner with local agents in order to facilitate the market introductory process and the operations expansion. We manage the investment relations and participate in the negotiation process

Information Technology

Information Technology

Information tehnology

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